Lee Hawkins – Jakarta, Indonesia Replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport )
02-02-2017 (06:40)

Quick service and turnaround, exactly what I needed

Robbie Stone – Jakarta, Indonesia Secondary passport application )
23-02-2017 (9:40)

Professional, hassle free and convenient. Thank you, indonesian Passport

Daniel Pitts – Jakarta, Indonesia Change of name, title or appearance )
04-03-2017 (06:40)

Indonesian passport hub saved me time and provided clarity about the passport renewal service, highly recommended

Matthew Cherrett – Jakarta, Indonesia Replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport )
19-03-2017 (08:40)

I thought I had to return to the indonesian to renew my indonesian passport but indonesian Passport hub took care of everything swiftly and surely, thank you.

Kieron Eaglestone – Jakarta, Indonesia Renewal of a secondary passport )
09-04-2017 (11:40)

Indonesian Passport hub saved me time and effort of going through the renewal process for my daughter and it was done so quick –top draw service!!

Adam Chapman – Bali Indonesia Renewal of adult passport issued after 31/12/1993 )
05-06-2017 (07:40)

You made making my son’s first indonesian passport so simple and straightforward, can’t believe you made it look and feel that easy. We will be back again!!

S. Howarth – Hong Kong Renewal of adult passport issued after 31/12/1993 )
02-07-2017 (12:35)

The indonesian-passport.com team were excellent and ensured all my documents were in order. I received my replacement passport in 7 days! It was fantastic to be able to speak to a human and discuss the process as my case was super urgent

Brian O’ Keefe – Jakarta, Indonesia | Renewal of child passport(16 years or under) )

Big thank you to the indonesian Passport hub team for their professional assistance in renewing the indonesian passports for my twins, saved me endless hours of paperwork!!